My name is Hannie P. Scott, and I adore quality food. I began creating recipe books in 2014 and now proudly have over 60 titles to my name in eBook and paperback format.

The only thing I love more than food is PEOPLE. I am a mother to two beautiful babies and a wife to an amazing man, so I’ve got plenty of mouths to feed at home. In fact, cooking for my family is one of my greatest sources of joy. I enjoy meals that are simple, healthy, and delicious, and I’ve found that creating wholesome recipes helps me grow as a wife and mama.

Though I mentioned I’m a fan of healthy cooking, I’ll admit that there is a time and place for everything – and often, the time and place for cake is here and now. It’s all about achieving a sense of balance. Ultimately, my goal is to share simple, delicious recipes for REAL PEOPLE.